Stephanie McCamy – Office Manager

Stephanie McCamy became our Office Manager at the end of April of 2016 and is the Media Coordinator since January of 2014. She joined our church as a member in November of 2008 under the pastoral lead of Rev. Bob Holliday. She is involved in the church in may ways such as helping out with Sidewalk Sunday School on Wednesdays; being the Media Coordinator for Sunday services, special services such as Easter, Christmas Eve, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday, weddings, funerals, etc.; was the Secretary for the United Methodist Women organization for a year and a half; helps out with vacation bible school as the music director,and is the United Methodist Women South District Social Action Coordinator for now. She is married to her college sweetheart, Sean and has two boys, Johnathan and Sean Terry, and a daughter, Shilo. She loves to wear different items with camo, enjoys different kinds of music, doing stuff outdoors with her family, and loves Christ and tries her best to follow Christ’s example and follow our church mission statement which is Inspire by Christ, Transform and Moved To Action.