Rev. Mary Dotson, Senior Pastor

Just a little bit about us: my husband Ash is currently a Spiritual Director. He received his MDIV in 2006 and served as a United Methodist pastor for 12 years. Prior to seminary, Ash worked for ATK/Orbital as a Rocket Test Engineer in Maryland. Just recently, he resigned from pastoring an American Baptist Church in nearby New York. His favorite hobbies are exploring the outdoors, reading, creating art pieces using items found in nature. Ash is looking forward to rock hounding and seeing what God has for him during this next leg of our journey together. I felt the call to ordained ministry when I was in eleventh grade. Because women were not pastors in the Anabaptist denomination I was a part of I did not pursue the ministry. After graduating from Messiah College I was a missionary near Tokyo Japan where I taught English as a Second Language for two years. I’ve lived many places in the United States since then. It was during a session with my Spiritual Director that I sensed God nudging me to fulfill the call to ordained ministry. I received my MDIV from Palmer Seminary near Philadelphia. While in seminary I came to realize that my theology aligned more with the United Methodist Wesleyan Theology. After interning at a large United Methodist church in central PA, I become a member. I was, and continue to be drawn to the United Methodist understanding of God’s generous prevenient grace extended to all people. It is this emphasis that guides my ministry.

Ash and I are Pop Pop and GiGi to 4 boys! Jacob (10) and Ryan (7) who live in Centreville, Maryland with their parents Matt, who is a Baltimore Co Firefighter and Jenny, who free lances with an emerging news organization. Fredric (almost 5) and Benedict (2) live in center city Philadelphia where their dad, Ian works for CBRE as a senior analyst and their mom, Ashley is very involved in their inner city church. Daughter Susan lives in Philadelphia as well and will soon open Rowhouse Grocery in south Philly, bringing fresh affordable food to an area lacking easy access to groceries.

I will have office hours, Monday afternoons from 1:00-5:00 and Wednesday mornings from 9:00- 12:30. If these times don’t fit into your schedule feel free to contact me in order to set a time to meet. I spend my morning hours working on Sunday worship and other meeting planning and then afternoons with the other activities of church life. Thursdays and Saturdays are sermon writing days. I take my Sabbath on Fridays. Ash and I find that this gives us time to reconnect with one another and unplug after a busy week. If you like to meet with me or wish to let me know about hospital admittance, emergencies, etc. can be reached by cell phone: 717-798-4017, the church phone, or by email: