Sidewalk Sunday School Mission Project

The kids of Sidewalk Sunday School decided that this year they would have two mission projects. Their money offering would go to help flood victims, but they would also collect poptabs to help the families at the Ronald McDonald House. Pastor Sherry brought home a Ronald McDonald House cardboard “bank”, and every week the young people put in all their poptabs that they have collected. Ask them what these poptabs go for, and they can tell you that they help pay for a night’s stay for the families of the children receiving treatment. Our Sidewalk family received some help from Debbie Burnett at Vista Recycling when she donated a 55 gallon barrel full of poptabs. I brought it over in my pickup to show our kids, and their eyes almost popped out of their heads. I couldn’t help but call David Bell from the Eastern Arizona Courier to come and take their picture. I drove down to the Ronald McDonald house in Tucson on Friday, October 13th to deliver them. The tabs had to be poured out of the barrel into plastic tubs and it took four tubs. After weighing all four tubs, it turned out being 147 lbs! So far since August our Sidewalk family has donated 150.89 lbs. Thanks to our First United Methodist Church family for helping us collect them as well.pickuppic