Updated Handicapped Parking Places

This past week FUMC got a makeover in the all the church parking lots. The handicapped parking spaces were hardly visible, and were in need of an update. Friday night the Methodist Youth Fellowship started off their lock-in by painting the first two parking spaces next to the fellowship hall. Then during the week Tony and Rachelle Eckert joined in and painted the blue squares in the three spaces in front of the sanctuary and on the west parking lot.  A volunteer from Our Neighbor’s Pantry, Eric Freund, along with secretary Heidi Estrada painted the blue squares on the two parking spaces behind the sanctuary and all the white trim around the squares. Eric and Pastor Sherry made a good team and quickly painted the handicapped symbol in each of the remaining space. Old faded metal signs were taken down and replaced with new blue signs making it much easier for our members and visitors to have easy access to these parking spaces. Thank you everyone who participated.

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